Members of NCBSR come in all sizes from throughout the state of North Carolina. From small businesses to large, individuals and non-profits, we are a collection of some of the finest businesses and entrepreneurs in the state. We share a common interest in socially responsible business practices including sustainability initiatives, wellness objectives and economically sound strategies to increase our profits as we decrease our carbon footprints.

We offer membership on three different levels to meet the needs and the budgets of everyone interested in joining our network. Membership offers the ability to connect with like-minded businesses, network to create and achieve sustainability resources and learn about socially responsible business practices.

In addition, membership at any of the three levels provides:

  • Leadership events throughout at the state at little or no cost
  • An NCBSR calendar to post your own events for increased visibility and promotion
  • NCBSR’s monthly e-newsletter filled with new ideas, events, resources and web links
  • Online tools to help you develop socially responsible programs and measure there progress
  • Private forums for members to discuss and share challenges, ideas and opportunities
  • Affiliation with a forward-thinking organization that attracts fresh talent – college graduates are seeking socially responsible businesses and NCBSR will provide the link between your business and the talented professionals who are looking for challenging new positions.

Please see our Membership Levels page for more information on our three levels of membership.